Core Mission

Trail building and maintenance is the centerpiece of the PATC's mission. The PATC maintains 240 miles of the Appalachian Trail from Rockfish Gap, Virginia to Pine Grove Furnace, Pennsylvania and over 1000 miles of other trails in the Mid Atlantic Region, with the Charlottesville Chapter maintaining the southernmost section from Rockfish Gap to McCormick Gap in SNP. The effort requires the contributions of hundreds of volunteers, who contribute as trail overseers, trail crew members, or in many other capacities. PATC volunteers log tens of thousands of work hours every year, in their efforts to keep hiking trails well maintained.

During the Charlottesville Chapter's trail maintenance hikes we: 1) maintain trail tread, 2) clear from trails vegetation, invasive species, branches, and fallen trees up to about 8” in diameter with handsaws, 3) maintain trail blazes, 4) clear water bars (structures which run water off the trail), and 5) pick up litter and trash. Basic trail maintenance may also include assistance provided by certified chainsaw operators to clear trees of larger than 8” diameter.

From time to time we may also engage in major reconstruction and improvement of existing trail tread such as the elimination of trail creep over an extended length of trail, reducing grade on deeply rutted trail sections, putting new water bars and check dams in existing tread, extensive clearing of vegetation, clearing of large rocks from trails, and organized extensive clearing of blow downs by trail crews.

The Charlottesville Chapter maintains the following trail:
     The Appalachian Trail in the southern section of the Shenandoah National Park from  Rockfish Gap to McCormick Gap. 

Individual Trails Maintained by Charlottesville Chapter Members
In the southern section of SNP:
     Beagle Gap to Calf Mountain 
     Riprap to hairpin turn in trail
     Turk Mountain to Crimora Lake

In the PATC owned Vining and Mutton Hollow Tracts:
     Boxwood and Andy's Overlook
     Mattie's Run Loop
     Boundary East
     Meadow and Chimney
     Mutton Top

For more information on PATC trail maintenance in the Southern District of Shenandoah National Park, go to