Cadillac Crew & Charlottesville PATC trail building at the Vining Cabin - August 26-27, 2017

     Eight members of the Charlottesville PATC united with the Cadillac Crew on August 26 and 27 to build trails at the Vining Cabin in Greene County.  Volunteers included Michael Seth, Dave Borszich, Mark Walkup, Bill Holman, Iva Gillet, Gabriel Garretson, Mark Perschel, and Marit Anderson from our club with Jacob C., Ellen L., Dan F., Kathy L., Tysha R., Martha B., Robert F., Kirsten E, Dennis L., and Vic F. from the Cadillac Crew (last names were not disclosed due to social media concerns by the project chair).  We worked from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and were able to build a quarter mile trail from the ground up including some stairs and rock crossings over portions of Mattie's Run.  It was great to collaborate with some very experienced trail builders!  Most of the Cadillac Crew drove down from Northern Virginia, as well as a couple from Williamsburg, VA.  After our work on Saturday night we convened at the Cadillac Crew host's house - Hope and Steve Barber only a few miles away on Rt. 33 for a pot luck dinner.  Amazing food and comradery among the two clubs.  Marit and Mark joined the Cadillac Crew spending the night at the Barber's property and helped with a morning of putting finishing touches on the trail on Sunday.  Joint future trail building projects at the Vining Cabin and nearby areas were discussed...we will keep everyone posted.

Hope and Steve Barber's home and site of the pot luck and housing of Cadillac Crew -Marit and Mark camped on the side lawn

The Barber's overflow cabin...cute little place 

Submitted by Marit Anderson


St Mary's Falls - August 12, 2017

submitted by Iva Gillet

     It was a warm day for a hike in the wilderness to St. Mary's Fall when eight hikers and Remi the best hiking dog headed off to enjoy the beauty and cold mountain water. Gabriel Garrettson, Bill Westin, John Brandt, Bill Holman, Marian Styles, Debra Fisher, and newcomer Brigitte Hogan followed the rugged but well worn trail, crossing the St Mary's River 5 times each way. All but 2 hikers soaked up the river coolness, with Remi enjoying whoever would throw a stick for her! It was not crowded when we arrived, so we soaked and enjoyed our lunches and treats at the base of the falls. We passed several groups as we retraced our steps back to the parking lot, as others also admired the clear mountain trout stream. Come join us for a waterfall hike soon!

South River Falls Loop - August 19, 2017

submitted by Dan Ralston

     This moderate hike won the hearts of all that joined.  The hikers led by Dan Ralston were: Jeanne Ralston, Lindsay Brown, Bev & Pete Fink, Marit Anderson, Mark Persche, Nancy Handley, Michael Seth, Gabriel Garrettson and two new folks that we hope will join us again: Suzi Blaze and Tora Powell. We even had a rattle snake sighting to add to the day’s hike.
     The waterfall, even though the water wasn’t high was still impressive. This is one of the nicest hikes that the Shenandoah National Park has to offer.  The day was perfectly beautiful, sunny and with a cool breeze.  We had lunch at the base of the falls and most of us soaked our feet in the serene water.  A wonderful hike that is always welcoming to all levels of hikers.


Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness - July 1, 2017

submitted by Barbara Martin

     Hike leader Barbara Martin was joined by ten fearless hikers to brave Ramsey's Draft Wilderness.  Andre Meyer, John Brandt, Nancy Handley, David Crowe, Claire Cline, Marian Styles, John Shannon, Dennis Templeton, Andrea Collins and Michael Seth started from Mountain House parking area to hike a loop up the Ramseys Draft Trail to Jerry's Run Trail, south on the Shenandoah Mountain Trail and back to our cars on the Road Hollow Trail.  At the first of five stream crossings we lost the trail, but with the help of John Shannon with his GPS we found the trail and successfully forded the next four stream crossings to find Jerry's Run Trail.  Vegetation including brambles and nettles were plenty, but so were wild flowers and a sense of adventure found only on an unblazed trail in a wilderness area.  With clippers in hand we found our way along the beautiful Jerry's Run trail to our lunch spot at the old Sexton Cabin.  The clearing was most welcome after the abundance of vegetation along the trail.  After lunch we once again lost the trail, only to find it again with the help of John Shannon's GPS and shortly after reached the beautiful Shenandoah Mountain Trail.  We followed this for a mile or so reaching the Road Hollow Trail and back to our cars.  We were blessed with a beautiful day, blue skies and escaped the forecast of afternoon thunderstorms.  Who could ask for more?

Browns Hollow-Emerald Pond-Bird Knob Loop, Massanutten - June 27, 2017

submitted by Michael Seth

     Lori and Darrell Doughty met hike leader Michael Seth at the former Massanutten Visitor’s Center on 211.  Barbara Martin arrive a bit late just after the three had left the parking lot so missed the hike. The weather was near perfect, sunny temperatures in the 70s with gentle breezes and very little humidity.  We hiked at a fairly brisk pace starting at 9:40 and finishing the 12 mile hike a little after 3:00.  We took a brief look at Emerald Pond which really was emerald-colored. We didn’t jump in as planned partly because the weather was not.  We skipped the sunny path with the giant anthills and hiked along the cliffs. Exceptionally clear air gave us great views to the West from Big Schloss to the north to Elliot Knob in the south, and distant peaks in West Virginia.