June 15 -White Rock Falls Trail and Upper Sherando Lake

Andy Wilgruber wants to take a closer look

Twelve hikers and sweet dog, Bailey with owner, Leon Gorman  joined hike leader, Marit Gay, on a pleasant June day to hike the White Rock Falls Trail and the Upper Sherando Lake spur. Upon meeting at milepost 18.5 on the Blue Ridge Parkway it was decided to break up the hike into two sections, so as to allow those wanting a longer hike to continue down to Sherando Lake after the White Rock Falls loop.  We first began with a descent down White Rock Gap Trail to connect to Slacks Trail.  From here we continued on to the 4.7 mile White Rock Falls Trail.  The "White Rock" derives from the abundant quartz found in the area.  Views of  "The Priest" were also much admired.  Full streams made for  double cascading falls to entertain us during our leisurely lunch and "chubby chews" added a  sweet ending to the meal.  After lunch with continued on the trail making our way back to the parking lot.  A group of six waited for the remaining hikers and a very tired Bailey.  From here Marit, Michael, Karen, Kelly, Emily Berry, Brian Muszynski made their way down the White Rock Gap Trail to do a 5 mile out-and-back to Upper Sherando Lake.  Kayakers, fishermen, and families were also enjoying the lake once we got there.  A quick snack replenished our energy as we climbed back up the mountain to the parking area.  Seven members of the clan including Bill Holman and Iva Gillett met up at Bold Rock Cider House to enjoy end of the day refreshments.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and we were happy to be out in the woods on such a beautiful day!

Rich Bard, Lindsay Brown, Briana Taylor, Kelly O'Rourke, Karen Ramsey, Michael Seth