Vining Tract/Mutton Hollow District Trail Maintenance and Hike - May 20, 2017

     We had a great turnout of volunteers for the May 20 trail maintenance and hike at the Vining Tract- Mutton Hollow District trails in Greene County, VA.  Marit Anderson (hike leader) and Bill Holman (Mutton Hollow District Manager) headed up the day with Iva Gillet (and pooch, Remy) also assisting.  The group of fourteen folks included the three leaders and the following volunteers: Lisa and Kyle Lampe (and beagle, Maxwell), Hunter and Meghan Cloud, David Crowe, CJ Woodburn, Jeanne Siler, Taylor Putney, Dave Borszich, Michael Seth, and Mark Perschel.
     The industrious group divided into four teams - Marit, CJ, and David inspecting/removing blow downs/clipping vegetation along  5 miles of trails starting along trails of Boundary East to Boundary West, Mutton Top Trail, Cliff Trail, CCC Road West, Matties Run Loop,  and Vining Trail. Iva, Taylor, and Jeanne started from the southeast side down the Wineberry Trail to Conley Morris Trail, Orion Trail then Vining Trail to Matties Run, and ending at the CCC Road West, also doing inspection, removing blow downs, and clipping vegetation with an accumulation of nearly 5 miles of hiking and over 1,000 feet of ascent, similar to Marit's group.
     Lisa, Kyle, Meghan, Hunter, Michael, and Dave trimmed vegetation on the CCC Road East and Conley Road.  Bill and Mark made the last grouping and were responsible for chainsawing the large blow downs throughout the tract.
David and his new Corona saw at work

Dave helps cut the overhanging limbs and vines

David and CJ at one of the many viewpoints
CJ, Iva, and Jeanne -clippers extraordinaire
     At 12:45 pm the groups stopped for lunch and chocolate chip cookies at Andy's Overlook. Since the work along the roads was mostly complete, four members of that team headed for home, and the remaining two joined Marit's crew.  The volunteers continued to trim, cut, saw, and clip until 4 pm when Happy Hour was officially proclaimed.  Everyone rejoined at the Butternut Cabin, the overseer cabin, for cold beer and other refreshments.  Bill, Iva, Marit, Mark, Jeanne, CJ, and David spent the night at the cabin, enjoying a shared camp meal and a night in the cool Shenandoah Mountains. Thanks so much to all the wonderful volunteers- much was accomplished to clear the trails for all those coming to the cabins of Vining Tract. Thank you...thank you!

submitted by Marit Anderson

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