South River Falls Loop - August 19, 2017

submitted by Dan Ralston

     This moderate hike won the hearts of all that joined.  The hikers led by Dan Ralston were: Jeanne Ralston, Lindsay Brown, Bev & Pete Fink, Marit Anderson, Mark Persche, Nancy Handley, Michael Seth, Gabriel Garrettson and two new folks that we hope will join us again: Suzi Blaze and Tora Powell. We even had a rattle snake sighting to add to the day’s hike.
     The waterfall, even though the water wasn’t high was still impressive. This is one of the nicest hikes that the Shenandoah National Park has to offer.  The day was perfectly beautiful, sunny and with a cool breeze.  We had lunch at the base of the falls and most of us soaked our feet in the serene water.  A wonderful hike that is always welcoming to all levels of hikers.

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