St Mary's Falls - August 12, 2017

submitted by Iva Gillet

     It was a warm day for a hike in the wilderness to St. Mary's Fall when eight hikers and Remi the best hiking dog headed off to enjoy the beauty and cold mountain water. Gabriel Garrettson, Bill Westin, John Brandt, Bill Holman, Marian Styles, Debra Fisher, and newcomer Brigitte Hogan followed the rugged but well worn trail, crossing the St Mary's River 5 times each way. All but 2 hikers soaked up the river coolness, with Remi enjoying whoever would throw a stick for her! It was not crowded when we arrived, so we soaked and enjoyed our lunches and treats at the base of the falls. We passed several groups as we retraced our steps back to the parking lot, as others also admired the clear mountain trout stream. Come join us for a waterfall hike soon!

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