Out and back south on AT from Rockfish Gap - February 10, 2018

submitted by Barbara Martin

A planned hike from Braley Pond was scuttled with a rapid change in weather overnight to rain arriving in the morning rather than the afternoon and a report from Jim Fye that the Churchville area was raining and 35 degrees.  Hike leader, Barbara Martin and Andre Meyer met Nancy Handley at Rockfish Gap.  After a short consultation we decided to hike south on the AT, since Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive were closed.  We hiked out and back about 6 miles, enjoying the foggy mountain views on the way back.  Nancy and Andre experimented with umbrella hiking techniques.  Barbara went with the rain coat and pants technique.  We finished off our hike with a traditional rainy weather activity:  a shopping spree at Rockfish Gap Outfitters, who were having their annual Valentine's winter gear clear out. 

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