Preddy Creek - February 24, 2018

submitted by Dan Ralston

We had 11 hikers join hike leader Dan Ralston on his Preddy Creek hike.  It was a very moderate and overcast winter morning but a pleasant day for a hike.  Joining the hike were Jeanne Ralston, Geoffrey Manning-Smith, Cheri Acker (a new PATC hiker), Suzanna Williams, Jeanne Siler, Lucy Hartley, Nancy Handley, Michael Seth, Charles Staples and Kelly O’Rourke. Everyone enjoyed the first loop of Preddy Creek however the new Orange County portion of the park remains closed awaiting the special use permit. Therefore, we did not want to be a renegade PATC hiking group and trespass past the yellow tape so we just enjoyed the beautiful new bridge instead.  I will repeat the hike once the Orange County section opens.  We had lunch in the picnic area after the first loop and then several of us did a different second loop around the park for a little added mileage. Special thanks to Nancy Handley for meeting part of the folks at AHS and also special thanks to Jeanne Siler and Geoffrey Manning-Smith for contributing the pictures.

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