One Mile Run Trail cleaning - January 27, 2018

submitted by Jeff Monroe
A good number of workers showed up to help clean up what is perhaps the least hiked trail in all of Shenandoah National Park – the Onemile Run Trail.  Hike veteran Michael Seth told the group about hiking this trail one time and meeting up with a park ranger working along the trail – the ranger told Michael that he was the first hiker seen on the trail for the entire week the ranger worked.  In addition to Michael Seth the group included replacement hike leaders Iva Gillet and Jeff Monroe, regulars Dave Borszich, Marie Moss, David Crowe and Bill Holman, first timers Steve Braintwain and Anna Castle, and Heather Rosso, who came all the way down from Reston to help the trail crew.  Gabriel Garretson, the scheduled hike leader, was recovering from the flu.  Feel better soon! 
The group hiked to the national park border and cleaned up several large issues along the trail, crossing Onemile Run 13 times each way.  There was much evidence of the April 2016 fire that swept through this part of the park, and no doubt continued trail work will be necessary in order to keep the trail clear.  The group also hiked through a stand of hemlocks that were saved by the park from the Hemlock woolly adelgid by injecting trees with insecticide. 
Upon returning to the trailhead, the group once again obtained cell service, and was excited to learn that UVA’s men’s basketball team had left Blue the Duke Devils in Durham while the group completed its trail work. DVRs are our friends!

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