Solstice Eve Hike: Allbright Loop, AT and Humpback Rocks - December 20, 2017

submitted by Barbara Martin

On the eve of the winter solstice, December 20, hike leader, Barbara Martin met Sunny Choi, Jeff Stafford and Alda Pinheiro at the King Popcorn Stand to embark on a circuit hike using the Albright Loop Trail, the Appalachian Trail and the blue blazed trail from Humpback Rock down to the parking lot.  It was great to meet new hikers, especially Alda who is visiting this country from Brasilia, Brazil.  It was windy and cold in the parking lot, but we soon warmed up as we hiked into the woods.  The planned hike had been to use the portion of the Albright Loop Trail that branches off to the right, but this was closed, so we proceeded along the other longer branch of the trail.  This lengthened our hike a bit, but everyone was OK with that.  We reached the AT and headed south. Sunny, Jeff and Alda  had never seen the Glass Hollow Overlook and were delighted with the view.  We stopped here and Barbara shared chocolate chip cookies with everyone.  We went back to the AT and hiked south toward Humpback Rock.  Just as we passed the short .3 mile trail that goes back to the parking lot, Alda turned her ankle badly on the leaf-covered rocks.  We all decided to return to the parking lot and pitched in to help Alda make her way back to the car.  Despite the injury, we all had a great time.  Barbara especially enjoyed hearing Sunny's yodeling and singing old show tunes together on the trail.

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